DDS Touchstone is now available for download via SourceForge
Feb 6, 2009
Touchstone was initially developed by PrismTech. With the switch to an Open Source OpenSplice DDS, it was evident that Touchstone would have to become Open Source as well.

The current version can now be downloaded from

This version supports OpenSplice DDS only. We are looking for help to port the framework to other vendor's products as well. If you have hands-on experience with DDS and would like to join us in this exciting project please contact us via
OpenSplice DDS goes Open Source
Jan 14, 2009
PrismTech has taken the bold decision to make their next version of OpenSplice DDS, v4.1, available as Open Source! It will be available under the LGPLv3 license, sometime this March. OpenSplice DDS is the most complete DDS implementation around and has been battle tested with many customers already.

See for more details.